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     In business for more than 23 years, Harelson Mechanical, Inc. (HMI) has grown into one of California's leading industrial contractors. We are a woman owned company and pride ourselves with the best customer satisfaction, on time delivery, quality workmanship, and safety in Northern California. We have provided services for some of the largest private entities including; General Mills, ConAgra,
Coca-Cola, Agrium US Inc., Mariani Nut, Pacific Coast Producers, Blue Diamond Almonds, etc.

     Our team of professionals is comprised of the most experienced and dedicated in Industrial Construction, maintenance,
repairs, installations, and overhauls. We are ready to assist you and your team in accomplishing your goals by making your
facilities more efficient and cost effective.

Industrial Areas of Service

  • Hydro Electric: Retrofits, Upgrades, and Overhauls
  • Structural Steel: Platforms, Supports, Stairways, Catwalks, Handrails, Racks, etc.
  • Stainless Processing Piping: Double Containment Piping
  • Industrial Piping: Product, Steam, Air, Water, and Gas, Fuel
  • Cable Installation: Repair, Splicing, and Cooking
  • Production Mills: Grains, Food Lumber, Metal, Fertilizer, and other systems
  • Can Line Custom Fittings: Round, Half Round, Flat Bar, Twists, Sides, Lowrators, Gates, etc.
  • Filling Systems: Fillers, Seamers, Cappers, Corkers, Washers, Detection-Rejections
  • Sheet Metal: Guards, Drip Pans, Chutes, Vent Stacks, Flumes, and Ductwork
  • Aggregate Conveying Systems: Overland Conveyors, Shaker Rowers and Shaker Systems
  • Conveyance Systems: Full and Empty Container Accumulation, Single File, and Air Conveyors
  • Cable Installation: Repair, Splicing, and Cooking
  • Modifications: Reconfigurations and custom conversions to all the above
  • 24 Hour, 7 Day a week service. After hours call (916) 212-4655 or (916) 212-9916
  • Hydro Electric Emergencies: (530) 644-6828

9276 Beatty Dr., Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone (916) 386-2586
Fax (916) 386-9630

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